We love when our donors tell us how we did. And we’ll keep working to earn a happy rating.
We asked our donors to review their car donation experience with us. Read real reviews from real donors for the real deal on donating your car to Kars4Kids.

Kars For Kids Reviews

  • Waterford, MI

    “Deductions are good and so is helping kids”

    I donated a 1999 Chrysler Concorde
    Quick and Easy. Thanks for getting out to my house to pick up my car on super short notice so I could get the deductions on my 2012 taxes! Deductions are good and so is helping kids.
  • Fayetteville, NC

    “Easy, even while deployed to Afghanistan completing it”

    I donated a 1998 Ford Windstar
    I found the entire process easy, especially since I was deployed to Afghanistan while completing it.
  • Turner, ME

    “All made easy and without a hitch”

    I donated a 1994 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    It was all made easy and they picked it up without a hitch........only problem was did not get response they had truck and were all set until a month later.
  • Ozark, AL

    “It was fast and easy, thanks!”

    I donated a 1993 Mercury Sable
    It was fast and easy, thanks!
  • Bartlesville, OK

    “I appreciate what Kars4Kids do”

    I donated a 1996 Mercury Sable
    The receptionist that I spoke with was very helpful and easy to talk to when figuring out what to do with my car. Also, I was surprised and very happy with how fast the car was towed away by the tow truck. I believe the tow truck came the day after I call the receptionist. I appreciate what Kars4Kids do and think it is a very well organized and ran business. Thank You!
  • Franklin, OH

    “I hope the donation will help someone in need”

    I donated a 2001 Toyota Celica
    I think this was a very easy process and they came to me to get my vehicle as this was a concern. The ladies on the phone when I called to donate the vehicle was very helpful and informative. thanks so much for all your help and I hope the donation will help someone in need. Thanks
  • Nashville, TN

    “Very helpful on the phone and service was immediate”

    I donated a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire
    It was a good experience. They were very helpful on the phone and the service was immediate. The tow truck was very kind! I would do it again.
  • Charlotte, VT

    “Happy with the way things turned out”

    I donated a 2000 Subaru Outback
    I was happy to donate to a worthy cause. There was a bit of a problem with communication, but I did receive my tax receipt and am happy with the way things turned out.
  • Valley Park, MO

    “I will definitely recommend Kars4Kids to everyone”

    I donated a 1994 Chevrolet S-10
    The online set up was very easy and the towing company called within 48 hours to set up the pick up time. Went off without a hitch. I will definitely recommend Kars 4 Kids to everyone I know! The best part is all of the kids that your company is helping..........thanks!
  • Kaneohe, HI

    “Smooth and painless”

    I donated a 1995 Nissan
    Great experience. I called and they picked the car up and forwarded the paperwork for my income taxes. Smooth and painless.