Kars For Kids ReviewsHot takes from our donors on their experience donating to Kars4Kids.

From speed and ease of pickup to getting your tax deduction, our donors are always refreshingly honest about the service they got from Kars4Kids. And we’re confident enough in the service we provide to share their full feedback with you, unfiltered.

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1 year ago

The whole process was very easy and fast, we had 2 cars to donate, and they were very fast with pick up. I would donate again if able to.

1997 BMW M3
1 year ago

I am very happy with Kars4Kids. This is the second car I have donated. The emails regarding the process are easy to follow. The only issue I had is that this time the tow company was not on time. I had set the pickup for Friday, 12/7, at 8 to 10am. They did not get here until Sunday (12/9) at 1pm. Several excuses were provided over Friday and Saturday.

2004 Pontiac Grand Am
1 year ago

Fast, easy, nice people.

2003 Ford Explorer
1 year ago

Awesome Experience! Our old car broke down in Chicago while my son was on his way to Wisconsin. Kars4Kids was able to pick up the car 2 days earlier than a different charity that I had called. This was important especially because the Good Year Tire that the car was towed to wanted to charge us $70 for each day it sat in their parking lot after we decided it wasn't worth it to have it fixed. Kars4Kids made sure they put a rush on the "pickup." Also, the tow truck driver that picked up the car had to "outsmart" that same garage when they said they wouldn't release the car. He was awesome :)\n I'm so thankful to everyone for their assistance ! I'm also quite happy that this organization exists to help others by using our donation.

2004 Pontiac Sunfire
1 year ago

The whole experience was super easy! Thank you

1996 Dodge Caravan
1 year ago

Fast, easy, well organized, and minimal work on my end..

2011 Mazda CX-7
1 year ago

Walked us thru the process very well. I would certainly recommend

2006 Nissan Altima
1 year ago

Customer service Was great ,clear instructions truck was picked up on time ,simple easy .will use again n the future .

1986 Dodge RAM 100
1 year ago

Easy to navigate website, great communication on the phone and e-mail. The towing company they partnered with was on time and personable.

2001 Mazda MPV
1 year ago

They came promptly and picked up the car. The e- mails were great communication about keeping me up to date on what was going on.

2003 Dodge Stratus