Kars For Kids ReviewsHot takes from our donors on their experience donating to Kars4Kids.

From speed and ease of pickup to getting your tax deduction, our donors are always refreshingly honest about the service they got from Kars4Kids. And we’re confident enough in the service we provide to share their full feedback with you, unfiltered.

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1 year ago

it was very convenient and is very professional , made everything a breeze

1991 Toyota Previa
1 year ago

Quick and easy.\ni didn't have to be here

1998 Buick Park Avenue
1 year ago

Very easy to use.

2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty
1 year ago

Great experience!! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Overall great experience from start to finish!

1998 Pontiac Bonneville
1 year ago

Great service.

1990 Ford Tempo
1 year ago

Great service! The service is prompt and easy to obtain.

2001 Nissan Altima
1 year ago

Great program. Made the pricess very simple and accommodating! #WellDone!

2002 Dodge Grand Caravan
1 year ago

Every thing

2007 Hyundai Santa Fe
1 year ago

Jars for Kids made this a very easy process! Very. Convenient

1997 Honda Civic
1 year ago

Great experience from start to finish

2002 Chevrolet Express Cargo