Kars For Kids Reviews

  • East Brunswick, NJ

    “Everything was as it should”

    I donated a 1998 Infiniti I30
    Every thing was as it should. This included both picking up the car and all the paperwork.
  • Chicago, IL

    “Cuz is going to the kids”

    I donated a 1996 Chevrolet Corsica
    Cuz is going to the kids
  • Buffalo Grove, IL

    “Easy and straightforward process”

    I donated a 2003 Nissan Altima
    Fairly easy and straightforward process. Would do it again if the circumstances arose.
  • Ozone Park, NY

    “The tow truck picked up, signed papers, and that's it”

    I donated a 1998 Dodge Neon
    The tow truck came and put the car on the truck, signed some paper, and that was it. I would like to know what happened to the car after i gave it to Kars4Kids. That would be a nice story. I always wondered.
  • Concord, CA

    “Told me exactly what paperwork to leave in the car”

    I donated a 1996 Chrysler Town and Country
    I had an excellent experience with Kars4Kids. I phoned in on a Thursday and they said they could come the next day to pick up my car - which was a huge help, as it was taking up my extra parking space. They were great about telling me exactly what paperwork to leave in the car, and they sent me all the receipts and info I needed to write this off my taxes. Thank you for a perfect customer experience.
  • Chicago, IL

    “The staff at Kars4 Kids was very helpful”

    I donated a 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    I was hard parting with my classic Monte Carlo with all of its original accessories, but my donation for the Kids was worth it. The staff at Kars4 Kids was very helpful. I would do it again because it would help kids and because it makes economic sense to donate. The tax write-off is helped. .
  • Franklin Park, IL

    “Just a phone call, no hassles, no headaches”

    I donated a 1992 Geo Tracker
    It was simple, just a phone call , abd quick ....no hassles ,no headaches, and it was for a great cause I had no doubts about the charity
  • Oakley, CA

    “Call them and they take it from there!”

    I donated a 1997 Ford Explorer
    Smooth and successful! It was very easy to do. Call them and they take it from there! Get organization!
  • New Lenox, IL

    “Good, but would like more options for the promo vacation”

    I donated a 2002 Toyota Corolla
    Good, but would like to have seen more options for the promo vacation voucher
  • Oakley, CA

    “Easy turnover and transparent communication”

    I donated a 2001 BMW 3 Series
    I love to know that my car although could have gone to many other available outlets, was donated to a cuase to help children in the community. I appreciate the ease of the turnover and transparent communication from the staff members through the process.