Kars For Kids Reviews

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    “Service was great and pick up was right on time”

    I donated a
    Unfortunately I lost my car in a flood during Hurricane Sandy. I wasn't sure what to do, it was all very sudden. My fianc?? told me about kars4kids. She didn't use you guys before but was told by a friend. I called and scheduled a pick up based around my work schedule. Your service was great and the pick up was right on time. They even called to confirm exactly when they said they would. Losing my car in that way wasn't fun, but dealing with Kars4kids helped me tremendously.. Thank you Sincerely David Arocho.
  • West Lafayette, IN

    “My experience donating was very pleasant”

    I donated a 1994 Honda Accord
    My experience donating my Honda was very pleasant. The coupon for the free vacation was very confuzing and unfriendly...I did not use it.
  • Windsor, CO

    “Great way to get get rid of your car”

    I donated a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan
    The process was easy and smooth. Great way to get get rid of your car. We will definitely do it again.
  • Huntington Beach, CA

    “Very easy to work with ”

    I donated a 1987 BMW 6 Series
    Very easy to work with and we as a family felt good that our donation was going to a great cause. Driver worked around my schedule and even arranged for the pickup while we were away, leaving the paperwork with us.
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    “The whole thing was fast and simple”

    I donated a
    I first heard of Kars4Kids on the radio.KFI radio out of Los Angeles.I listen to that station on my Droid phone while I'm at work at night. the song with the advertisement has a real catchy tune and sticks in you're head. so when I decided to donate my car the first thing I did was look up Kars 4 Kids on my Droid phone.the whole thing was fast and simple from start to finish. and thank you so much for the emails explaining how to fill out all the DMV forms.the service was excellent. I really enjoyed the latest email the children receiving warm coats and presents that we're in the hurricane. all of you at Kars4Kids are doing a great job!thank you.
  • Santa Cruz, CA

    “All done in a timely and very professional manner”

    I donated a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse
    This was all done in a timly manner very professional
  • College Point, NY

    “No hassles or headaches”

    I donated a 1998 Mazda 626
    I had a very pleasant experience. There were no hassles or headaches. It was a very reliable service. It was easy to make an appointment and they were prompt friendly about it.
  • Vernon Hills, IL

    “Paperwork was a little confusing but otherwise great”

    I donated a 2001 Toyota Corolla
    Paperwork was a little confusing afterwards but otherwise great.
  • West Milford, NJ

    “The car was picked up quickly and easily”

    I donated a 2004 Saturn ION
    The car was picked up quickly and easily. But.... I still haven't heard back and have no receipt for this year's taxes! I delayed the process by needing to sign papers to have you get the title, but my review would have been a "5" if there was better communication. Still waiting... waiting.... waiting...
  • Inglewood, CA

    “Everything was taken care of with no problem”

    I donated a 1999 Mazda 626
    My overall experience was GREAT, everything was taken care of with not problem I would tell my friends about you guys